Why Coaching for Leadership Development?

Why Coaching for Leadership Development?

Keep Growing Everyday ImageWhy Coaching? What do people coach on? How could it support me?

Here are some examples of coaching agendas / priorities:

COACHING FOR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT (CXO’s, Owners, Entrepreneurs, Directors/Managers, Pastors, Leaders)

  • I believe in getting perspective from a neutral source and having a sounding board is valuable.
  • It is important how I come across, and want support to maximize my communication.
  • I have a vision for my success and I would like to design a plan for that to happen.
  • I have many people below me and it can be “lonely” at the front, I need a person to be my confidant as I strategically evaluate and plan for my business steps and growth.
  • I am a leader with many things on my plate. I know it is important to be a “model” and want accountability to “walk the talk” and be an example for my team.
  • I work with a team and want to understand those I work with. (DISC personality assessment)
  • I want to shift to “coaching” my reports vs. managing them. I need to develop skills.
  • I need to create my annual strategic plan for my business/with my team.

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