Christy Geiger

Christy Geiger

"Learn Leadership Skills From Executive/Leadership Coach & Trainer "

Human performance is about developing productivity skills. As a 4.0 Leader, having these core performance skills and habits is key for effective leadership where you can focus on leading and not struggling to stay on top of it all!

Leaders use a lot of skills from understanding what it takes to lead (setting vision, strategic planning, etc.) to people skills (developing a strengths based organization) to communication skills.

As a leader, what we do on the outside is directly connected in our internal mental, physical, emotional skills. Your ability  to understand yourself, your strengths and blind spots, where you are headed and how to show up in the world are all key to being a great leader and performer set up for maximum impact!

– Time Mastery 

  •  Understand your style, how to leverage the time you have and other time mastery tools.

-Best year ever! 

  • Assessment of life balance and clarification of focus. 
  • Learn how to set a goal in an area that will make a difference and design a plan to make it really happen.


-SMART Goals 

  • Basics of goal setting.   
  • Launch: start the new year with great goals and focus!

-Designing Environments for Success 

  • Get results with less work.
  • Be intentional about your surroundings and aspects of your life. If you want to create change and results in your life, you must align           everything around you to support that effort. 
  • Learn what areas to pay attention to and design systems that naturally support your objectives  


-Eliminating Tolerations & Frustrations 

  • How to “clean house” & get in the “flow”

-Gremlin Training. 

  • Why We Do What We Do and Not What We Could Do 
  •  Enlightenment that breaks down the “gremlin” (or negative self-talk) that keeps us from personal growth, change & development.   


-Positive Intelligence (Sabator training) 

-Principles of Attraction 

  • How to get people to gravitate to you naturally.


-EOS Vision Traction Organizer

  • Do it right the first time! Start with clarity. 
  • Identify your vision, mission, goals, and steps for action


-Strategic Planning

  • DISC
  • Strenghts Finder
  • BEAR Seminar (DISC) – Understand personality types to enhance the ability to interact with others. 

  • Dimensions of Leadership
  • Understanding and Developing Effective Leaders. 
  • Leadership 4.0
  • Emotional intelligence 


  • Learn how to ask questions, respond and follow-up with people for optimal success
  • Coaching Skills for Your Business – Coaching skills, tools, and methods to use in your business life.
  • Basic coaching skill training
  • Conversational Intelligence

  • Developing a Strong Personal Foundation
  • Optimize focus, productivity, and clarity in life.
  • Living a Life with Heart & Soul – Align your life with your gifts, talents and core values.
  • Personal values
  • Motivational values
  • DISC
  • Strengths Finder
  • BEAR Seminar (DISC) – Understand personality types to enhance the ability to interact with others. 

   -Energy management 

  • “Need-Less” Program – – Solidify your personal needs and find ways to get those met without burning out
  • Designed Living
  • Life Balance 
  • Wheel of LIfe 

-Career Clarity 

  • Understanding how to discover, transition or level up in your career 
  • Transition – Discovering Your Personal Path.
  • Retirement
  • M&A, Selling

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