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Christy Geiger

"Learn Leadership Skills From Executive/Leadership Coach & Trainer "

– Time Mastery 

  •  Understand your style, how to leverage the time you have and other time mastery tools.

-Best year ever! 

  • Assessment of life balance and clarification of focus. 
  • Learn how to set a goal in an area that will make a difference and design a plan to make it really happen.


-SMART Goals 

  • Basics of goal setting.   
  • Launch: start the new year with great goals and focus!

-Designing Environments for Success 

  • Get results with less work.
  • Be intentional about your surroundings and aspects of your life. If you want to create change and results in your life, you must align           everything around you to support that effort. 
  • Learn what areas to pay attention to and design systems that naturally support your objectives  


-Eliminating Tolerations & Frustrations 

  • How to “clean house” & get in the “flow”

-Gremlin Training. 

  • Why We Do What We Do and Not What We Could Do 
  •  Enlightenment that breaks down the “gremlin” (or negative self-talk) that keeps us from personal growth, change & development.   


-Positive Intelligence (Sabator training) 

-Principles of Attraction 

  • How to get people to gravitate to you naturally.


-EOS Vision Traction Organizer

  • Do it right the first time! Start with clarity. 
  • Identify your vision, mission, goals, and steps for action


-Strategic Planning

  • DISC
  • Strenghts Finder
  • BEAR Seminar (DISC) – Understand personality types to enhance the ability to interact with others. 

  • Dimensions of Leadership
  • Understanding and Developing Effective Leaders. 
  • Leadership 4.0
  • Emotional intelligence 


  • Learn how to ask questions, respond and follow-up with people for optimal success
  • Coaching Skills for Your Business – Coaching skills, tools, and methods to use in your business life.
  • Basic coaching skill training
  • Conversational Intelligence

  • Developing a Strong Personal Foundation
  • Optimize focus, productivity, and clarity in life.
  • Living a Life with Heart & Soul – Align your life with your gifts, talents and core values.
  • Personal values
  • Motivational values
  • DISC
  • Strengths Finder
  • BEAR Seminar (DISC) – Understand personality types to enhance the ability to interact with others. 

   -Energy management 

  • “Need-Less” Program – – Solidify your personal needs and find ways to get those met without burning out
  • Designed Living
  • Life Balance 
  • Wheel of LIfe 

-Career Clarity 

  • Understanding how to discover, transition or level up in your career 
  • Transition – Discovering Your Personal Path.
  • Retirement
  • M&A, Selling

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