There are two types of assessments that are great to take.

Performance Assessments

The first are assessments to measure how you are doing, find gaps and areas for growth. They help us to identify where we are at and then based on our results we can create a plan for our growth and development. They are often very useful to retake after you have been working on your plan for 3 months to measure your progress and make sure the steps you are taking are creating the change you want in your life and work.

Types of Performance Assessments include:

Personality Assessments

The second are “personality” or ”style”  type assessments. These assessments are NOT just TELLING us who we are, putting ourselves in a box, surrendering our definition of yourself to assessments or a useless internet test that is interesting but meaningless. Assessments, used well, are an inductive process to help us better understand ourselves, our thoughts, patterns and behaviors.  Working with a variety of assessments helps to expedite the process of understanding the uniqueness of you. We are like diamonds, each individual and different, each with different cuts and angles that make up who we are. Assessments can be used to help in career selection, career advancement and really developing your authentic style. This is important as a leader to KNOW THYSELF, as our weaknesses can be blindspots and our leadership blindspots impact the team and our ability to lead well and get the best results possible. There are many, below are some of the ones I commonly recommend and use. The key is not just taking the assessments and getting the results but processing the results with your coach to understand, apply and integrate.

Types of Personality-type Assessments I love to use are:

      • DISC & MOTIVATIONAL VALUES (Publisher, IMX) – Contact Synergy Strategies to purchase a code for this assessment; assessment is given complementary to coaching clients 
      • Strengths Finder 2.0 (purchase book and code for assessment is inside) 
      • Enneagram 
      • Kolbe link
      • Standout (purchase book and code for assessment is inside)
      • Reach 360 link 
Pick one assessment to start with. It is good to take one, work with your coach to understand and apply and then move to the next. Over time these tools can become part of the tapestry for being a top performer and leader. Just like reading books, taking your time to take them, absorb and apply is the best approach to ensure you leverage the information to elevate your skills and performance.

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