Develop Your Personal, Professional, and Leadership Skills! Increased personal productivity and professional performance. You might be new or have spent years in the workforce. You might be growing your leadership skills, starting a business, the owner of a small to mid-size company, or a corporate executive. Developing your performance skills will benefit you and support you to enjoy greater results in life and work!  

Why learn? Common benefits of developing your skills are:

  • New Insights and Expansive Thinking
  • Increased Confidence 
  • Knowing Yourself, your Strengths and Understanding Others better
  • Leading more Authentically and Transparently 
  • Improved Communication, Empowerment, Accountability & Conflict Resolution   
  • Enhanced Performance in a world that is moving faster, design your systems, habits, environments and ways of operating to support getting more done in less time 
  • Greater Emotional Intelligence to respond under pressure, make decisions quickly, take measured risk, maximize strengths, minimize blind spots, fail forward, stay above rather than sinking under the pressure, stress and grind)
  • More Effective and Cohesive Teams that have buy in, see the vision, share their thoughts, invest above and beyond, give 110% 
  • Clear Competitive Advantage and Sustained Profits as the business has a clear direction, mission, purpose and why the team is in strong alignment and therefore gets results 
  • Relevant and Skillful Leadership taking the time to understand the changing times and how to adapt to them is critical, working to shift and develop your leadership skills for the next era is imperative for yourself, your team and your business/work.

This can be done in numerous ways!

Personal 1-1 Coaching:

Your commitment to the learning process through coaching allows you to have personalized conversations specific to you. You get to bring to coaching the things that are happening for you in your work and life to assess what is working and where you would like to upgrade what you are doing or the results you are getting. We call it “insanity” to do the same thing but expect different results. So a mature and wise professional is able to step back, open up and get vulnerable, in the safe coaching space to know that it is 100% for their growth and that this learning will benefit them and ripple out to all they interact with. 


There are two types of assessments that are great to take.

Performance Assessments:

The first are assessments to measure how you are doing, find gaps and areas for growth. They help us to identify where we are at and then based on our results we can create a plan for our growth and development. They are often very useful to retake after you have been working your plan for 3 months to measure your progress and make sure the steps you are taking are creating the change you want in your life and work.

Personality Assessments:

The second are “personality” or ”style”  type assessments. These assessments are NOT just TELLING us who we are, putting ourselves in a box, surrendering our definition of yourself to assessments or a useless internet test that is interesting but meaningless. Assessments, used well, are an inductive process to help us better understand ourselves, our thoughts, patterns and behaviors.  Working with a variety of assessments helps to expedite the process of understanding the uniqueness of you. We are like diamonds, each individual and different, each with different cuts and angles that make up who we are. Assessments can be used to help in career selection, career advancement and really developing your authentic style. This is important as a leader to KNOW THYSELF, as our weaknesses can be blind spots and our leadership blind spots impact the team and our ability to lead well and get the best results possible.


  •  It used to be common to attend live trainings however in our expanding digital world, online courses are easy ways to learn at your own pace anytime. This is a growing way for professionals and leaders to learn.  
  • On-demand: We are developing training in our ADVANCING LEADERSHIP SCHOOL that will be released in 2021.
  • Webinars: Online is a great way to get custom training for your team on a topic to support and raise the level for the whole group at one time. Webinar training is often 1-2 hours but can be ½ day. If you would like training on a custom topic, let us know. Custom training is often created for teams on personal and professional development or leadership skills, see Training Topics for areas training might be developed around. 


Advance Your Leadership From THE INSIDE OUT

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