Traction by Gino Wickman


Traction by Gino Wickman


This book is a MUST HAVE for business leaders. As a business coach and trainer, I often recommend it to most of my business owners and leaders. Those who are starting a business to those in larger organizations find it helpful. While it can take a while to “get into it” for the non-reading leader… an audiobook is a great option. I do recommend having the paper book as well, however. Even if you are not a reader, you want to study and learn about Traction. This is MUCH MORE than a book – it is a business process and system. Also, this concept has much more supporting it than just “one” book. There are many resources to support implementing “traction” in your organization and even “traction” coaches…. Start with the book and see if you like the concept. I think you will.

This book is one of the few business books that talk about HOW to run the nuts and bolts of your business. It covers some of the areas where many businesses blow off a critical part of business operating (i.e. team meetings and planning). The difference is, this is not meeting for the sake of meeting or planning for the sake of a dusty business plan, these are practical and highly implementable steps that will truly support your business to get TRACTION (as the title says). Just the one-page business plan is a priceless improvement for many businesses to stay on track and move forward vs. in a circle. Also, I should note some business are not going in circles, but many get distracted watching what everyone else is doing and forget what their core focus was. The traction system will help you stay centered on who you are, your vision, mission, market and target.  It organizes the process in six key components (referenced as EOS = Entrepreneurial Operating System) for any but especially small business:

  • Vision. Where are you going?
  • People. Your team is critical and developing and retaining a great team is critical for your success.
  • Data. Scorecards, dashboards, measurable – how do you tell if you are making progress or not?
  • Issues. Most people do not like conflict but issues unaddressed derail business.
  • Process. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Consistency rules and ensures solid performance.
  • Traction®. Discipline and accountability to execute well.

Even if you only apply some of the principles, businesses and leaders who have read and implemented this book or any part of it have been better off for it. Those who have their entire leadership team read it and work to study, discuss and design their business around it do even better. This book will give you the framework for HOW. Coaching helps as you are working to brainstorm YOUR vision, process, etc. but the nuts and bolts and structure are well outlined in this book.

Beyond this, Gino has a blog and group to connect with others using the traction model. And another great book is Rocket Fuel:  The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Tour Business.  This is the next book by Gino for leaders to read. He also has assessments for you to determine if you are the visionary or integrator at

Other resources:  or

There are many videos to help learn more and dig deeper. Again, MANY of my business leaders find this concept supportive and central to their new way of operating. Start with reading the book…

Keep Charging & Shine!
Christy Geiger, Executive/Leadership Coach,