How a Strong Network Can Benefit Your Career


How a Strong Network Can Benefit Your Career

In my blog, Designing the Networked Environment, I explained that your “network” is  about RESOURCES AROUND US.  It is similar to the environment of relationships in that it can deal with people interaction. It is different in that it expands to include information & tools and focuses on systems that support our pursuits.

In her article, 7 Career Benefits of a Strong Network, Heather R. Huhman gives 7 ways that a strong network can benefit your career:

    1. Guidance. “Building and maintaining a network of industry contacts is one simple way to ensure a continued level of guidance throughout your career.
    2. Opportunities.
    3. Support.
    4. Discovery. “For some, this means gaining keen business insight through forum conversations on social platforms, while others may learn innovative tips from a chance meeting with an industry contact at a seminar.”
    5. Growth. “…whether it’s pushing you to apply for a position you initially felt was out of your realm or simply inspiring you to work harder on a daily basis.”
    6. Status. “When it comes to your career, sometimes an aspect of power lies within you who know.”
    7. Resources.


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