Designing the Networked Environment

Designing the Networked Environment

Environment of Networks:

Review the following to help you evaluate and bring your “NETWORKS” more in-line with your goals.


The environment of networks is about RESOURCES AROUND US.  It is similar to the environment of relationships in that it can deal with people interaction. It is different in that it expands to include information & tools and focuses on systems that support our pursuits.  This includes:

  • The Web– The wide world of the internet. It would still include snail mail, magazines, the library and any place else you can get pools of information. The most common and most easily accessible place today is the web because here there is unlimited information as well as interactive communication. Through e-mail groups, chat rooms and posting boards you can communicate with many people. Through places like your web site you can communicate about yourself to a wide audience of searching people.  There are many ways the web can support you and make your life easier. How can you streamline something today?
  • Customers – People who could buy from you. People you provide support for. People you serve. People who consume your product or parts of it.
  • 6 degrees – This is the power of networking and knowing that you are only 6 people away from anyone you want to meet. If you are intentional and specific about what you are looking for – putting it out there to many people who you do know will put you into a line of connections that can put you in touch with information or people who you want to contact or connect with!

FOCUS: Write your main goal: ____________________________________________________________



  • What do I need? What would be really great to have that I might be able to find on-line?
  • What do i want to learn about that will support my goal and progress?
  • What groups on the web could I join to brainstorm with people, get information, support, etc.?
  • How can I use the web to support me? Reminder cards, graphics, music, forms, checklists, etc.
  • What pages do I love going to? Do I have them organized and bookmarked?
  • What are my favorite reading sites? Can I eliminate some of my paper by reading/perusing on-line?
  • How can I communicate with someone in a fun & creative way through the internet? (Thank you e-card,,, etc.)
  • What resources do I want that will be supportive, informative, energizing and expand my view of my bigger picture or game?
  • Think about all areas: spiritual, financial, health, career, friends/family, fun & recreation, physical space – what would be a great way to boost this area of my life – that I might be able to find on the web (e-devotions, tips, e-zines, vacation spots,, etc.)


  • Who were your past customers that you clicked with? What would it be like to contact them? (get feedback, network, offer independent services, etc.)
  • Think broadly about your local, abroad and virtual markets – go through your old contacts and business cards. Who is in there?
  • Who are your customers? Who do you serve?
  • Who could benefit from what you provide?
  • Who do they know & what could they provide for you?
  • Think of yourself as a customer – how do you like to be treated?
  • How do you respond to people you “purchase” things from or work with? (imagine if they asked you for your feedback or insight, or whatever you would find helpful from your customers – what would that be like?)
  • What opportunities are available in your customer base?
  • Touch base with someone today.

6 degrees:

  • Who is in your community of people?
  • Think about who would be great to know, meet or talk with. Who do you want to know?
  • Who could support you in your new goal?
  • What type of people do you want to spend more time with?
  • What type of energy & skills are you looking to surround yourself with?
  • Get specific… WHO would you like someone to put you in touch with?


As you DAILY keep your goal in front of you – the laws of attraction begin to work. What you are doing is what comes to you. What you are focused on comes to you. Developing a strong network will be an incredible means to bring amazing resources into you life. This might be information, people or tools. There are a lot of people out there who know things and do not mind sharing; they just need to be asked. Know what you are looking for and be excited about your exploration for it.

Make sure you are plugged into many outlets (networks) because the more places you are tapped into the more “hits” you are likely to receive. Think about a computer network. Each system holds a ton of information; the more systems that are networked together the more information and power available to ALL the systems. Being a part of a network is not only extremely valuable to you but is also incredibly rewarding as you get to share your knowledge, expertise and resources with others. This exchange is refreshing and motivating as you enjoy the exchange of helping others and they are also happy to help you!  Imagine the momentum and energy that comes from these interactions.

What resources and networks do you have around you to support your ambition?

Community network, mastermind groups, coaching groups, teleclasses, internet chat rooms, groups like yahoo groups and discussion boards…. Etc. These are examples of networks that play a much bigger game and inspire you to expand your network to a global level where your options are limitless.  In this space you can move yourself to a level that saturates your life with like-minded people who may help to position you in a global market.  Get into a several networks that are different in purpose and style.  The expansion available to you as you plug into these vast systems will provide great connections, inspiration and stimulation to start and the possibilities beyond that are endless. What are you looking for? What resources would be an amazing jolt to your goal success?


  • Review this environment
  • Schedule a coaching call if you want additional support
  • Explore the questions for yourself & then brainstorm regarding your goal
  • Start to identify some ways to support your goal through the environment of network
  • Write questions you have
  • Draft a few steps you could take this week to move you closer to your goal!

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