Business Better When Done With Love

Business Better When Done With Love

Here are some excerpts from an article, “Business Gains are Doubled When They’re Done With Love“, from one of my clients, Corey Blake. It was co-authored by Francesca Crozier-Fitzgerald a staff writer at Round Table Companies.

“Loving and leading this way is a risk, no doubt about it. It’s a risk for your personal relationships, it’s a risk for your professional reputation, it’s a risk for your self-esteem. It’s not comfortable. Instead, it’s about finding what level of discomfort are we comfortable with. Going down the road to loving a lot means that you’re more invested, more exposed to getting hurt. But what’s the alternative? ”

“If you break it down, leading with love calls for heightened consciousness (might explain why two like minds found one another at a conference called Conscious Capitalism). It’s about listening, but even more importantly, it’s about actually hearing what is being said. It’s about making time to listen, and space to process what you’ve heard. When you are conscious and present for the other human being a different conversation transpires. It’s one of trust. From trust, grows a community and with a trusting community, you gain a culture. Much like the Field Day race, there are no short cuts to achieving trust, to strengthening community, or creating culture. You simply have to love what you do and grow toward it.”

“Rand Stagen recently said to me that leaders get the organization they deserve. If you’re focused on the profit of your work, things are only good when there’s a profit. But, if you’re passionate about the purpose of your work, you can always look in the mirror and be proud of your day.”

Do you think that love and leadership go together?

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