You see what you look for…

You see what you look for…

Perspective in life is one of those amazing and fun topics. The mental games and shifted perspectives we make our reality is fascinating. How often do you hear people say “business is really bad”, “no one is buying anything right now”, “there are no jobs out there”, “everything is so expensive”, ….. If you look for that, you will find things to support your story and your perspective.
Try this. Go look in a parking lot full of cars. What do you see? Just make a mental note of your observations.

Now go back and notice the antennas on the cars. While there may be less cars with antennas today, I would get you did not notice the antennas the first time you looked.. As you look again, do you see the antennas?

What we look for is what we see and it becomes our reality. Notice your story and your premises that you are caring on life, people and work. Are they really what you want to be focusing on? Are they what you want to be seeing? In order to see something different, you have to look for something different.

Try to put your premises and stories about others and the world away today, and see what “new” things you notice and see. (my favorite filter is to “put the best construction on everything” as you do that, how does your reality change?)

While everything in life is not positive and a “bowl of cherries”, there is little value that comes from griping, complaining and excuses. Look for the opportunities and silver linings, there is usually one there.


Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN