Why is Getting Organized Crucial?

Why is Getting Organized Crucial?

Physical EnvironmentIn my blog, Designing the Physical Environment, I discussed how to evaluate and bring your physical space more in-line with your goals.  Getting organized is crucial to making the best use of your physical environment, but what are the tangible benefits of being more organized?

In his article, Benefits of being organized, , shares the nine reasons he thinks it is important to be organized.

They are:

    1. Less stress
    2. Relax more. “Less time spent running around means more time. Just, more time to do what I want to do…”
    3. Spend time with my family
    4. I’m ready for a curveball
    5. The overwhelming seems manageable
    6. Improved health
    7. I’m a better example for my kids.
    8. Fewer little jobs
    9. Greater productivity.


What would be the greatest benefit for your life if you got organized today?

For the full article visit:  https://unclutterer.com/2014/01/23/benefits-of-being-organized/


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