Heart-Mind Coherence


Do emotions seem squishy and unscientific to you? Does it seem like the heart or emotions cannot be trusted – that the mind/brain is a more logical and therefore a more trustworthy way of thinking?

Have you ever wondered why you procrastinate? Don’t follow through on something you wanted to do? Get stuck or stalled out?

Well, sometimes our brain is not as powerful as we think! Did you know that your heart sends more messages to your brain than your logical brain? There is more being studied and discovered about this, but a great organization to follow is the HeartMath Institute. Our heart can sense and send messages to our brain, which are more regarded by the brain than our logical thinking. When our thinking and heart have two different messages it creates incoherence, causing our body to be unable to act or move forward.  Therefore counseling, coaching, and mentoring are important to find where we might be having incoherence in our thoughts.

When we find coherence between heart and mind, we become unlocked and able to move forward.

There is much more on this topic but consider the last time you felt stuck and why you might have felt stuck.  Reflect on what you mind said vs your heart.

Living in congruence with our heart (which is where our values, beliefs, and emotions stem from) allows our mind and heart to move together unblocked or restricted.

When we feel blocked or restricted, we can take time to reflect on where there might be double messages at play.  In research, the heart is more powerful. This means subconscious thoughts and beliefs can control our behavior so taking time to learn and eliminate restricting or limiting beliefs is critical to achieve the goals, dreams, and future you want!

The HeartMath Institute offers a good amount of complementary information to help explore and understand creating greater heart and mind coherence!

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