Why Coaching for Personal Productivity?

Why Coaching for Personal Productivity?

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Why Coaching? What do people coach on? How could it support me?

Here are some examples of coaching agendas / priorities:

COACHING FOR PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY (Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Work-from-home people)

  • I want to identify or better articulate the goals I have. I need to make clear progress.
  • I want to improve my performance and effectiveness; and be consistent as well.
  • I want to tweak the design of my time, my life, my day and/or my priorities. My time matters.
  • I am not doing what I need to do; I need to be challenged and find a way to stay focused.
  • I am more creative and productive when I have a person to brainstorm/collaborate with.
  • What I really want is the weekly structure of having a coach; that will get me going.
  • I need to understand my strengths, maximize them and minimize my weaknesses.
  • My day runs me; I want more control of my time and energy.

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