Wheel of Life Assessment Tool

Wheel of Life Assessment Tool

wheel of life

The Wheel of Life Assessment Tool can be used to evaluate your life balance, determine where you are at now, assess where you need to focus in the future or just give you a snapshot of your life to consider what is working and what is not.

How balanced is your life? The eight spokes represent a balanced wheel. The less balanced your wheel is the more wobbly will be your ride through life. The more balanced the wheel is, the smoother it will run.

HOW TO USE: Use this tool as you plan for the future.

    1. Print a copy of the “Wheel of Life”
    2. Consider each area and how fulfilled you feel right now, given this area of your life over the past year.
    3. Rate each area on the spoke just below the area title.
      0 is at the center = dissatisfied; 10 is at the outside = very fulfilled.
    4. Put a dot on the line, where your rating of this area falls.
    5. Consider what each area would look like if it were a “10”.
    6. Write a few notes on what would need to happen to make it a “10”.
    7. Pick one area, that if you improved it, all the others would also increase in fulfillment.
    8. Consider this as an area for focus in the future.
    9. Write a goal and set 5-10 objectives to make this area increase in value over the next year.

Use this tool to see the balance in your life and determine where your focus will benefit you most in the upcoming year!

Click here for your own Wheel of Life Assessment Tool!

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN