What Successful People Do…..

What Successful People Do…..

While this can look different for everyone, there are perhaps some common themes. Note, this is not “things you have heard or should do”, rather what you DO that sets you apart from others who desire or aspire to be where you are. Maybe you have a signature belief or value that you live by, an activity that you credit to your progress or something you notice that you do that others don’t that keeps you moving forward.

Here are some examples:
“Successful people are those who persevere – who stay committed to their goals regardless of how long it takes to get there.
Why? Whether building a business, in career transition, becoming fit and healthy (or anything else that matters to you) there will be plenty of detours and road blocks as well as high points and successes along the way. When we commit to a goal – we are able to ride out the slowdowns, work around roadblocks and even enjoy the scenery on our detours! When we expect specific outcomes too quickly – and they don’t happen – too often we stop. Perseverance keeps us going no matter what. It keeps us engaged, excited, focused and purposeful in our efforts as we work toward our vision and goals.” – Submitted by: Stefanie Zizzo, Career and Life Coach, www.stefaniezizzo.com

Successful people are positive and surround themselves with other positive and progressive minded people.
Why? It is amazing the drain negativity and skepticism can have on a person’s energy. When business owners and people get stuck in questioning things, looking at what will not work and what is wrong in the world it is difficult to move forward. It can feel like the world is against you and the mountain you are climbing is taking everything you got. On the other hand, a mental attitude of fortitude, optimism and positivity can do wonders for a business. It is that “what is possible”, “what can I do”, “how can that work” type attitude. When you go into a restaurant and ask the server for a ‘special order’ do you want them to say, “we don’t make it that way”, or “this is what we can do for you” and to find a solution. Today companies are prized for their ability to be creative, innovate and provide solutions. While we don’t want to be unrealistic with rosy glasses, there is a way that you can look at people, business and life from a glass ½ full vs. ½ empty perspective. The world naturally sees it ½ empty. If you start looking at business and people from the ½ full perspective, you will be amazed at the new traction you can get activity and results.

Again, We would love to hear from you… what do you do that you attribute your success to, what is your “key” to success? 

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN