What Is Your Personal “Edge”?

What Is Your Personal “Edge”?

Have you heard of David Goggins? You can check out his website https://davidgoggins.com/. He has an impressive story with an admirable example of drive, focus and determination. Below are some quotes that he shared in his clips that I was inspired by:

The question, “What are your limits?” A great question to stop and think about. What stops you in your tracks? What will you NOT do? What scares you, challenges you or brings up your excuses, defenses or rationalizations? It is a good musing. When I stop and write them down, it brought up more than I want to have. It gives me a different way to look at what hold me back and a focus of what things to “knock off” to minimize those things that might get in my way! What are your limits?

The commitment, “Everything I do is defined by excellence.” Many people live by “good enough”. While I am not perfect and make mistakes, excellence is my standard as well. It is a noteworthy standard and point of personal evaluation. What am I doing that is excellent? What am I doing that is less then excellent? What do I want to do about that?

The statement, “The only easy day was yesterday.” Hum. What a thought. With each new day, what limits am I pushing for myself?

The motto, You “must be a good individual first before you can be a good team player.” This reminds me of putting on your mask on a airplane, before your child’s, or the Thomas Lenard coaching principle to be selfish. If you don’t make sure you are on track first, you will not have what it takes to be a team player or contribute. I took me a while to get this, as I learned to not be selfish, but it is really a refrain that taking care of yourself, developing yourself and “being a good individual” as a foundation block so you are stable and strong to contribute and give to the rest of the world. Where do you need to develop yourself so you can be a better team player?

Ask yourself these questions to consider your “edge”. Check out the David Goggins site and be inspired!