What is You Company’s Culture IQ?

What is You Company’s Culture IQ?

There is an on-line tool that will help you access your company’s culture IQ developed by Paul Spiegelman.

It measures if:

  1. “Our core values are deeply ingrained into our decision making process.
  2. We have fun at work.
  3. We have a system in place to show that we care about the personal lives of our employees.
  4. We hire for fit in addition to skill.
  5. We quickly and appropriately move the wrong people out of the organization.
  6. Our employees get personally involved in our community service activities.
  7. We regularly measure employee engagement, create action plans and communicate results.
  8. We have a robust reward and recognition program.
  9. We regularly demonstrate our commitment to growing and training our employees.

10.  Our employees feel like they are here for a purpose beyond just their job.”

Click here for the tool.

For the full article: http://www.inc.com/paul-spiegelman/company-culture-find-out-if-your-employees-are-engaged.html?nav=next

Do you think having this information could help you improve the environment at your company?

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN

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