What is Traction/EOS?


What is Traction/EOS?

One of the most exciting stages of a business or life is when you experience TRACTION! To me, “traction” is when a person or business is in a forward-moving state of activity and gaining momentum which supports solid and sustainable action and growth.

In 2007, Gino Wickman wrote a book and well named it “Traction”, implying much the same thing (a working and forward-moving business plan, model, and process which supports active and sustainable productivity, momentum, and growth). The system to create and sustain this “traction” that Gino teaches is EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System®). EOS is a collection of simple tools with a proven process to align and orchestrate all the pieces of your business to get the results. Typically this system starts with the buy-in and commitment of the CEO and is embodied by the leadership team, which then is shared and implemented across the company. It is a system that can be used in part but is best when fully integrated. When this happens it clarifies focus, creates natural accountability, and simplifies communication and conflict. It helps the team to be clear on their roles and priorities, empowering each leader and team member to thrive and gain “traction” in their area of work.

One of my favorite tools is the one-page business plan. It is simple and straightforward. It serves as a working compass for the business, unlike many business plans that are extremely long and rarely referenced.  Like many things, the tools and concepts might be familiar, however, put together in a duplicable system, serves to support companies to get and stay on track quickly without missing key ingredients in the recipe for true traction.

To learn more:

  1. READ: A good start is simply reading the book, Traction. To get a better understanding of the CEO and their right-hand person, read Rocket Fuel.
  2. EXPLORE: Check out an EOS blog: https://www.ryangiles.com/blog
  3. EXPERIENCE: consult with an EOS  facilitator https://www.ryangiles.com/ with Ryan Giles, Professional EOS Implementer