What are you attracting into your life and work?

What are you attracting into your life and work?

After being a advocate and supporter of many of the concepts in the movie/book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and team, I have decided to more intentionally dive into writings on the LAW OF ATTRACTION.  I have found the concepts to be incredibly powerful, but find understanding and integrating them into life to be a process. I find people who would greatly benefit from this law but are skeptical of it because of their religious views or a simple lack of understanding of what it is.  I find people who want to understand it but wrestle with how to apply it. In my work with clients and others in my life I am in the process  growing in my comprehension and ability to live this law in my life and business and support others in applying it to theirs.

In short my encouragement for you today is to realize that we become what we think about and therefore attract it in our lives. If you are focused on the bad economy, lack of business, fear of the future, etc. You will begin to attract this. How we think influences our actions and our actions directly impact what happens in our life. This is logical, not even taking into account the principle of the Law of Attraction teaches what you think is a magnetic attractor of reality.   Meaning, if you feel that business is slow and worried about cash flow, you are not going to do the things you once did in marketing, networking and development. The slow down of these activities alone, will impact and become self-fulfilling.

Challenge yourself to redirect your thoughts to:

  • What is possible?
  • What can you do?
  • What do you have?

Focus on the positive and stay in action by taking steps to move forward to the future you WANT (not don’t want). Recognize every time you think something that thinks about what you don’t want, you are attracting that. We have powerful minds, use it wisely!