BANI is on the table as an evolution to the VUCA World Acronym

Today I heard a new acronym: BANI – B:rittle, A:nxious, N:on-linear and I:ncomprehensible

BANI is on the table as an evolution to the VUCA World Acronym – V:olatile, U:ncertain, C:omplex, and A:mbiguous.  

The VUCA term was created in the 1980s and shaped by the cold war. I became more familiar with VUCA a few years ago in looking at skillful coaching and awareness of dynamics at play for people. The VUCA world has an impact on leadership. It was true that leaders need to equip themselves with skills to navigate a VUCA world. That means they are intentional to grow their emotional intelligence, resilience, and personal stability since our business climate and world are often volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. The BANI suggestion is interesting.

I believe the 4.0 Leadership that is developing is about the skills we as leaders need to respond to additional variables and conditions. We know this about the world, so what are we going to do about it?

This is where simplifying, purposeful vision, emotional centering, resilience training, and such become critical skills.

  • If the world and conditions are more Brittle, how are we as leaders more compassionate and sensitive to the human condition and being vs pressing production and the human doing?
  • If the world is more Anxious, how are we as leaders providing clarity, infinite purpose, and certainty in what is possible vs increasing anxiety about the unknowns (next level and impact of ongoing uncertainty)
  • If the world is more Non-Linear, how do we become dynamic, flexible, and adapting vs rigid, in-the-box, and inflexible about our processes and ways of work?
  • If the world is more Incomprehensible, how do we become curious, present, resilient, and in-flow vs trying to be all-knowing and frustrated at what we do not understand?  


I see BANI as an extension of VUCA and the continued invitation for us as leaders to consider how we might respond and lead in rapidly changing times.

What things are you intentional about to support being a leader in VUCA and BANI conditions?

Here is an article to learn more:

Infographic on BANI versus VUCA

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