Step 3: DESIRE

Step 3: DESIRE

Life takes us in different directions and events in life affect us in different ways. Ideally, they make us better people, but sometimes in the midst of tough knocks we find ourselves, and therefore our energy depleted.

Assess how you are doing. How are you “showing up” in life and work today? This is “who we are being” or the ENERGY we are having, projecting and putting out. Sometimes it is in alignment with our intentions and sometimes we realize we are being more stressed, crabby, anxious, frustrated or hurried than we desire or intend.  As we reflect on where our “default” days have taken us and how our energy is inside, reflect on WHO you want to be in the New Year, how you would like to show up and the impact you would like to be having.

The reality is that what is going on in the inside is made up of our energy… and our energy is what comes out to the rest of the world. Some people are pretty good at faking it, but faking it is not authentic or sustainable. Taking a look at your energy levels in these four key area will help to assess how you want to intentionally design your next year. This reflection might bring up some ideas or actions you carry over to the “wheel of life” in the next step (i.e. physically you might realize you are very tired and desire to be in bed by 10 PM each night – that would be part of the wheel assessment and actions, however here in assessing your energy, you would realize your physical energy is tired and lackluster and who you want to be is refreshed and energetic naturally (without caffeine).

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  • For more on this topic see the book, The Power of Full Engagement