Three Ways to Reduce Toxic Company Culture

Three Ways to Reduce Toxic Company Culture


My colleague and friend Ryan Giles was over at the Dead Sea, where no fish can live because the environment is hostile.  It was a great example because the truth is health is present in positive and thriving environments and illness, death, and extinction happen where environments are unhealthy or hostile to the organism trying to thrive. This is often true in organizations.  When our company cultures are positive and thriving, people bloom. When our company cultures are backstabbing, blaming, attacking, defensive and frustrated, people wilt.

Ryan did a great video on this topic and offers three insights to ensuring you have a healthy company culture.

#1 Operate in alignment with your core values

#2 Make sure there is buy-in from the top on those values (and they reflect them equally)

#3 Assign someone to be the culture champion


  • Consider where your culture and environment is weak or toxic? What value might be being violated or ignored?  
  • Do you know your company’s core values? How are those known and alive in your organization?
  • Do YOU, the leader, and your team reflect the values? How so? How could you do it more?
  • Who is the culture champion? What would be the next level for your organization to embody your values more?
  • How does reflecting your values support and create greater health in your environment?

Hear from Ryan directly:

Leading Culture Matters. Know and Live Your Values.  

The Secret of
Leadership is