The Leadership Secrets of Hamilton Book Review

leadership secrets of hamilton

The Leadership Secrets of Hamilton Book Review

Do you ever notice the extreme courage and fortitude of leaders from the past? Have you ever studied the wisdom of the US Founding Fathers? Even if you are not the intrigued history buff, learning from leaders in this era is filled with lessons that are both relevant and fruitful. While their challenges were different (and often harder), the principles in which they operated are applicable today. 

The Leadership Secrets of Hamilton: 7 Steps to Revolutionary Leadership from Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Fathers, is a book written to share leadership skills through the view of historical events and the leadership demonstrated by founding fathers. Each leadership secret is supported by three key actions that leaders can apply today. The first chapter starts with Alexander Hamilton. His life did not start as a model of success but despite his challenges, he developed into a significant leader.

An example of how the chapters end, the key actions from chapter 1 to prepare yourself and lead well are:

  •        Recognize your Challenges
  •        Set Personal Goals
  •        Never Give Up!

The book has 7 simple chapters to observe, reflect and apply:

  1.       Prepare Yourself
  2.       Exemplify Moral Integrity
  3.       Go Beyond Self-Interest
  4.       Establish Clear Goals
  5.       Respect Your People
  6.       Convey an Inspiring Vision
  7.       Be a Mentor

Grab it on print or audibles for a quick listen. Pick a chapter to take your leadership to the next level today!