The HOW TO, of Re-design Your Life

The HOW TO, of Re-design Your Life

So you get that you need to re-design your life but can’t figure out how? Here are a few places to look.

1)      Your schedule. Write out your schedule. Everything that you are doing, how long it takes, etc. Go back and look at your schedule. What things are contributing to you moving forward in your life and what things are just there, but not really adding value.  Draft a schedule that adds one new block of time to support your success behavior and remove one activity from your schedule that is not moving you forward.

2)      Your habits. What habits do you have? What habits did you used to have that supported you to get what you wanted but you have stopped doing? What habits do you know you need to have to support your success? This might be things like snoozing, sleeping in, working out (or not), too much time in e-mail or social media, etc. What are your habits? What are the habits of successful people in your industry and which ones of them are you doing or not?

3)      Your beliefs and attitude. What are you thinking about your work and life right now? Are those thoughts supportive to where you are trying to head? Considering what you are trying to accomplish?  What do you need to be focused on? Write that out and read it daily.

4)      Your systems. Consider how you have things set up. What allows you to move quickly and efficiently? What do you not have together that slows you down? This might be the tracking of contacts, this might be the sorting of e-mail, your files, ready-made handouts, etc.  Make a list of the systems that you do not have in place that cause procrastination, congestion and poor follow-through. Create a plan to put those systems into place in the next 30 days.

5)      Your support. Think about the people in your life. Are they positive? Are they forward moving? Do they support you? Are you a bottle neck or are you empowering and freeing people up to do their job so you can do yours? People in our lives can zap our energy and cause stagnation. BUT the lack of good people and support can also cause the clogging of progress. When you understand TEAM (together everyone accomplishes more), energy and the use of strengths, you will be positive to others while ensuring you have and leverage a team.

These are a few parts to re-designing your life. In this process you should find some things to keep the same, some things to add, to remove and to change. Have fun!

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN