The 10 Step Goal Process

The 10 Step Goal Process

What does it take to achieve your goals? There is a process we mentally go through when we set, plan and take action on our goals. At times we think it is just about setting the goal and then getting into action. We quickly find ourselves distracted and off track. This is common, especially when the goal process is not followed. Here is a 10 step process to support you in your efforts. Good Luck!

  1. OPENNESS – see opportunities and creatively explore new ways to get things done
  2. CLARITY – know what is most important and set a goal
  3. MOTIVATION – know your WHY and the benefits of doing this
  4. CAN DO ATTITUDE – decide what you will do, celebrate what you have done
  5. FOCUS – know what you want to achieve and get it done
  6. PLAN – be clear and specific with your goal and plan of what and how you will do it
  7. SET MILESTONES – create mini milestones to keep you feeling success and momentum
  8. ACTION – have a list, have a schedule and deadlines, be proactive, be flexible, do something
  9. SUPPORT – have a network or accountability to support you or keep you on track (it matters if you don’t do it)
  10. RECHARGE TIME – after giving it 100%, take a break and rest and recharge

Test your goals now….

  • Am I open to new ways and ideas? (fixed or closed mindset)
  • Do I have clarity on what is most important to do?
  • Am I motivated? If not, what is getting in my way and how can I remove the barrier?
  • How is my attitude? Do I see the possibilities and solutions? If I am stuck, talk to someone or write down the block and shift to thinking “what is possible?”
  • Am I focused? If there are distractions write them down to do later or set up space to reduce distractions.
  • What is my plan to get this done? What do I need to do and when will I do it?
  • What is the first milestone or significant accomplishment toward this goal?
  • What action will I take right now?
  • Who can I be accountable too and check in with?
  • What will I do to recharge and take a break?

Setting goals isn’t just about the goal; it is about the process around the goal. At times these steps can seem obvious or trite however they are key actions in the process of goal achievement. If you are not reaching your goals, consider if there is a step in the process that you can sharpen and increase your goal success!

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