Summary of Thank You For Being Late Book Review

Summary of Thank You For Being Late Book Review

This was a 30-minute book summary on Thank You For Being Late by Thomas L. Friedman. An audio recording packed full of insightful information. He takes a historical snapshot of what is creating the “speed” of business, technology, and change that we are experiencing today.

If you feel baffled and dismayed at how millennials act and remiss at the passing good old days, this is an important listen. It is helpful to understand what has contributed to the evolution and also gives a helpful outlook into where things are going. Often we cling to what we know and understand. The better you can understand the changing times, the better you can proactively and astutely navigate the future.  

I LOVED this summary and found almost every minute interesting and useful. If you are an early adaptor and find yourself frustrated trying to articulate what you are seeing or helping people to understand the changes or if you are a late adaptor resisting the speed of change – any leader will benefit from this quick listen to help you better understand current day and future outlook.

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