Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Have you taken time to write a strategic plan for yourself, business or division?

Why do a strategic plan?…. When you have a plan you:

1) can move faster and make better decisions

2) make less mistakes – testing directions and redoing or changing things that were not thought through

3) communicate better to your team and partners what you are going for, allowing them to refer and support you better

4) inspire and attract those that will compliment your vision

5) have a game plan to be efficient, effective and make measurable progress quickly

Often people think only large companies would have a strategic plan. Many see strategic plans as a laborious exercises that is a waste of time. Planning is an essential component to business success. Whether you are working as an independent contractor, a professional or an owner of a large enterprise, your ability to stop and plan is the first step to clear and focused activity. Take some time this quarter (one day) and do a plan for yourself or your work!

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN

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