Someday Isn’t Coming, Seize Today!

Someday Isn’t Coming, Seize Today!

How many times have you looked at projects or thought about things that would be nice to do, someday? “Someday projects” are often important for a reason, but not urgent. They hold some value and significance to us, but for whatever reason fall more into the “someday” category. Perhaps they are overwhelming, too complex or seem like they will take more time than we have. Other projects need to be done but we don’t feel like it. Some projects seem like rainy day projects, but even on rainy days, they stay nicely tucked away. “Someday projects” often stay on the list because they are “shoulds” … carrying guilt and silent expectation to be done (A good mom has a scrapbook for each child. A great cook has their recipes organized. A manly-man has an organized garage with an epoxy finished floor.  Grandma would be so proud if I finished that cross stitch. Domestic people can produce. It is important to preserve family history and go through family records. Etc.) 

“Someday projects” rarely get done. They are the ones you still have when you move after 10 years.  You see them and want them to be done, but struggle to commit time to do them. It is hard. The struggle is real. 

So to get rid of or do “someday projects,” ask the following questions: 

  1.  If the project never gets done, what is lost? 
  2.  What must be sacrificed to do the project? 
  3.  What is the value of the project? 
  4.  What is most valuable? 
  5.  Is it a project worth doing? 

If the project has value and worth…don’t wait for “someday.” Make a list of all your “someday” projects. Then pick one and schedule one hour a day to work on it until it is done. (Example: Many authors talk about how their books are written during their daily 1-2 hour commitment to chip away at it.) If you determine the project has little or no value, then decide to cross it off the list.

Someday is always in the future. If a project NEEDS to be done “someday”, today is the day to start working on it and take steps to accomplish it. Then…someday, you will enjoy the fruit of your labor!