SEVEN Suggestions for Success in Business

SEVEN Suggestions for Success in Business

As you reflect on your 2016 and your plans for next year… what will you do different?

Access these 7 suggestions for business success. Maybe even rate yourself 0-5 in each area. What did you do well in 2015 that supported these tips? What do you want to do different or continue in 2016 that supports these points?

From the article by Mike Schiemer of My Frugal Business, Seven Simple Suggestions for Success in Business, here are a few questions to help you access, reflect and plan:

  1. Work Smarter Not Harder
    2015: how did you work smarter? What did you do to save yourself time and energy this past year?
    2016: where do you need to work smarter? Where are you spinning your wheels or duplicating things that could be streamlined?
  2. Be the Best at What You Do
    2015: What are you the best at? What do people come to you for?
    2016: Where do you want/need to hone or deepen you skills, experience or competency?
  3. Work Hard and be Persistent
    2015: what did you really WORK on this past year?
    2016: where do you want to focus and accelerate in 2016? What do you need to be consistent with?
  4. Look for New Opportunities
    2015: What new opportunities did you learn about, see and take action on?
    2016: What is on the horizon… where are you going to network, explore and mine for new opportunities?
    2015: What did you add, learn or implement that is new? What was innovative that you are doing?
    2016: What is old and outdated that you are working with yet? Where are others updated while you stay on “older” systems?
  6. Find your Niche and Build your Brand
    2015: What is your niche? What do people know you for? What do they think you do and provide? Is that accurate?
    2016: What do you WANT your reputation to be? Test your market and ask them what they think you do. Listen and consider messages and marketing refinements for the next year.
  7. Get the job done. No excuses.
    2015: Where did you make excuses? What kept getting in your way?
    2016: What do you need to change to make it happen this year?

As I write this I hear some “wise elder” people commenting about “bigger and faster” is not always better. I agree. This is true. It reminds me of the story of the Mexican Fisherman.  The same place this familiar story is told, the author wrote 10 lessons from the story.  These are worth soaking in and remembering. As with much in life BALANCE is important.

As leaders who seek to make a difference in the world, impact businesses, families and people – it is both worthy to plan for our performance and also balance it with simplicity.

Have fun reflecting and planning!