Seven Practices of Effective Ministry (Book Review)

Seven Practices of Effective Ministry (Book Review)

I LOVE THIS BOOK! Very very good for ministry — and for a business owner. Clearly written for business, but there are so many great points and perspectives, I am referring to my business leaders as well.

For Ministry, highly recommend pastors and lay leaders to read this book. Stanley does not mess around with sugar coating things – which is great – he is up front with the challenges and approaches for stronger ministry today … He starts with a “story” in the first 1/2 of the book and finishes with the tactical explanation of the 7 practices. The style at the start is similar to books like “The Anatomy of Peace” or other books that teach through a story – very effective.

Then his hands on and practical direction for applying the practices is easy to follow and consider what that looks like for your organization. Highly recommend this book. We listened on audio and then bought the book because there were so many things we wanted to reference and review.

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