Run to Win!

Run to Win!

I love the visual image of a race.

Runners ready at the start. BOOM! The gun goes off and they are off. They run neck to neck, eyes on the goal, the prize, the finish line! They are paced, deliberate, intense and driven. They focus on their body, their form, their game. They run with all their might, giving their best. They sprint over the finish line, winning a victory!

In our businesses we often lack such intensity. We get up, start the day, decide to set a “target goal”, and plod along working to make it happen. Stop for a minute. Check your energy and evaluate how you are moving toward your goal. Are you running as if this were the Olympics or in gym class?

To find a new wellspring of energy, conviction and drive, mentally see your “goal” as that Olympic finish line. You are preparing for the race

1) How do you need to dress and prepare yourself physically for this race? In your business, if you are really running to win the prize, how do you need to show up each day? (well rested, dressed appropriately, armed with your accessories [i.e. name tag, business cards, samples, etc], mentally sharp with a supporting diet, etc.)

2)What do you need to be thinking about and keeping as a mantra in your mind? In your work, what is important for you to review in your mind and keep at the forefront of your attention? Tip: Athletes do not usually chant “cross the line” “win”…. They are usually focused on their form, their breathing, things that they will do that will help them cross the line, not just the line. So what habits, routines and structures do you need to repeat to keep you in perfect form as you glide toward victory?

3)How do you need to train? What are the exercises you will do that contribute to your success in the race?  In your business, what are the actions that are important elements of a WINNER’S make-up? (discipline, focus, organized, positive, prepared, etc.)

4) How will you run the race?

  • Set milestones / targets. Is your eye is on the finish line, but it is on the milestone first (i.e. lap 1)
  • Know your “WHY”. What are you running for?  You have to be compelled and passionate about your reason to participate. 
  • Pace yourself. Write one to two things to do each week to move toward your goal.
  • Stay focused. Post your goal. Read it daily.
  • Think you can.  Be positive. Don’t cancel out all you are doing with negative or self-defeating self talk. Look for opportunities.

Enjoy the race and run to win!

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer,  Minneapolis, MN