Roadblocks to Goal Success (part 2)

Roadblocks to Goal Success (part 2)

I have goals, but don’t seem to reach them? Why?

Lack of a plan. In the book “Goals” by Brian Tracy, he tells the story about 2 deserts and how people died crossing to get from one town to another because they lost perspective in the middle of the dessert since they could not see the beginning or the end and died. To resolve the problem the town put mile markers between the cities to get travelers smaller milestones to focus on. Goals are also like this. If you do not your big goals broken into milestones, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to accomplish them and it is always to big of a project to undertake and it simply never gets done. Set your focus goal, measurable goals and milestones to allow a clear plan for goal success. I recommend that you take a annual focus goal and have monthly milestones. Read the goal and the milestones for the month daily. (i.e. if you want to increase your income, add 2 new clients this month and have a plan for attracting them.)

I have a focus goal, but I am just to busy to do anything about it. How do I get more time?

The power of passion. WHY did you set that goal? Was it a “should”? Often we set goals, like loose 25 lbs, eat better, make more money because we need to or know we SHOULD do this, but are not really motivated to make this happen.  What we are passionate about will get your time and attention. Get connected to the WHY of your goal. Ask yourself “WHY do it matter”10 times to get to the heart of it.

I have a goal, but it is not happening yet. What needs to happen?

Post in 3 spots. Read it daily. Think about the laws of attraction ( Write what you have to do each week to make that goal more of a reality. Do not cancel yourself out with negative or self-defeating self talk. Be positive. Look for opportunities. Assess and make sure it is measurable and know what baby steps you can be taking to move closer to it. An elephant is not meant to be eaten in one bit! J

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN