Reshaping Perspective to Widen the Lens in Which We See the World

Reshaping Perspective to Widen the Lens in Which We See the World

Consider something you are attached to and a “structure/story” you have built and keep building on….  Have you ever realized sometimes these perspectives or old belief systems that are no longer serving? Sometimes they are false beliefs we wish we would not have bought into in the first place? Recognizing is the first step. Shifting our perspectives is the second. But how? Consider this…

When we were small we started building a castle (this is our worldview)… the more we build the more we become attached to our building because we are excited about it, it is working for us and we are “building” on the vision and efforts – made a mote – made a bridge – made a road – etc.  This is like the childhood perspective that develops to help us, support us to reconcile and understand the world —  the accidental unintended result is before you know it, you have judgments based on that perspective and a story and this becomes the “box” we live in. While our boxes work for us, they reduce our ability to understand others and their perspectives. So the goal that supports us to better connect with others and see the world through a bigger or wider lens is to push out and to let go of the story and structure that we have been building on (aka limiting story). Here are a few questions to ask yourself

  • The Story
    • What is the story or perspective I am holding that I would like shifted?
    • This story was created because I had what intention?
    • How does this story serve me?
    • What is that story supporting for me?
    • What is the story protecting me from?
    • What does keeping this story do for me?
  • The cost of the Story
    • What am I losing by staying in the story?
    • What is it costing to hold on to the story?
    • How does the story hold me back?
    • What is the benefit of having a different story?
  • Considering a Shift
    • What would happen or be possible if I had a different story?
    • What if I let go of the story?
    • What is possible if I let go for the story?
    • What do I fear will happen, if I let go of the story?
    • Who am I if I let go of the story?
  • Shifting
    • What is another perspective?
    • What is an additional perspective?
    • What is another ending for the story?
    • Who am I with these different stories and endings?
    • What do I desire?
    • What am I freed from when I shift my story?
    • What do I want to let go of?