Questions to Help Identify Your Passion

Questions to Help Identify Your Passion

There is a lot of talk about finding and living your passion. At times the concept can be exhausting for those who have been trying to figure it out and it just doesn’t seem to be clear. Here are a few exercises to help reflect and consider what area your passion might be in or things that touch your passion.

  1. List what activities, tasks or things I do that bring me fulfillment and enjoyment?
  2. List what types of activities I am doing when I feel unfulfilled, bored or restless? These might include activities that are challenging for me so require more work and effort. If there are areas that are hard for you, make sure to separate what is the struggle from what you enjoy. For example, I am a slow reader and really do not like reading because I am a slow reader with lower reading comprehension. I do like learning and love new information and expanding my understanding of human performance. I learn better with audios and trainings. I might think my challenge with reading says I do not like to learn, when in fact that challenge did make learning very hard for me, but from my daily activity, you would know I am a constant and non-stop learner.
  3. List what I am doing when I lose track of time. These are things I could do for hours and forget to call or contact someone, forget to eat, etc.
  4. What are things that I am always happy to help with? If someone is doing this I would enjoy an invitation or opportunity to do it with them. I find I am curious about it and read about this. I might volunteer to do this without pay because it is enjoyable and “fun” to me.
  5. What comes amazingly EASY for me? These things seem simple and obvious to me. I am able to understand them quickly. Others might struggle with these tasks or concepts more but for me, it is a no-brainer and almost second nature.
  6. What things do I notice are wrong in places and feel it is important to correct? If I have the ability, what things do I take initiative to take care of? No one has to ask me or assign this task or project to me, I do it because I want to, it bothers me if it isn’t done, it just seems quick or easy to do so I do it?
  7. What topics or areas do I “double-take” when I see a post, book, article, training, video, conversation, etc. about it. It is something that always catches my interest and is always fascinating or interesting to me.
  8. What is something I feel is a contribution I can give to the world. It plays on my strengths, personality, and natural giftedness. It is easy and natural for me to do this and I do not mind serving others in this way.
  9. List activities I love & ignite my passion (golf, reading, sports, TV, people, family, speaking, training, learning, cooking, food, animals, crafts, art, nature, science, technology, church, woodworking, music, poker, birds, decorating, design, etc.)
  10. List attributes I have or feel when I am doing things above (energy, support, problem-solving, creativity, analyzing, logical systems, learning, nurturing, brainstorming, harmony, drive, development, nature, connection, competition, faith, analytical, laughter, refinement, streamlining, etc.)

Reflection on these points can help you find your passion or things associated with your passion. The more you connect with these items, the more your passion in that area will develop and become obvious.