Do you ever feel like the amount of work something takes isn’t worth it?
Do you ever feel burned out, exhausted, and like the struggle never ends?

This past August, I attended the Global Leadership Summit. One of the speakers was Rich Wilkerson, Jr., author of the book, Friend of Sinners. Rich is a pastor and talked about the importance of our outlook to get to outcomes we desire. It was a great motivational talk reminding leaders the key ingredient between vision and fruition of the vision is GRIND.

Here are a few notes from his talk to remind and encourage leaders:

What matters usually requires work, aka: Grind.

  • Leadership is the grind; 90% of what you do in leadership will go uncelebrated – keep doing it
  • A great marriage, family, life, organization …. It is all a grid and it takes work!!!
  • Don’t get lost in the monotony of the grind, remember why you are doing it (mission, purpose, focus, goal)

Mindset on the grind:

    1. Rename the grind
      1. Identity brings about purpose – rename it to what this stage is about and maximize it (ie stressful season to a strengthening season)   
      2. Everything big had to start small…. Be patient and allow the goal to overcome the grind
      3. feeling doesn’t dictate purpose …. State the purpose … ie this makes us strong!  
    2. Reframe the grind 
      1. If I am full I fear everything I look through will be from the lens of fear; if I am full of toxic thoughts everything I say will be toxic 
      2. Don’t get robbed by perfectionism 
      3. Choose to be grateful.  See with the lens of gratitude.  Stop comparing. Be grateful! 
    3. Remain in the grind
      1. We are called to be a leader and make a difference
      2. If you fall or fail; get back up
      3. Remain in the grind
      4. It is always too soon to quit; you are needed 
      5. Be resilient; you are valuable


No matter what you are going through... rename it to the purpose of the grind, reframe it to appreciate the work, remain in the grind to press to the goal!

The Secret of
Leadership is