Push Your Edge

Push Your Edge

What is your edge? Edge is the line between where you are great and where you can grow. You are already successful and effective in many parts of your performance. Your edge is your opportunity to take it up a notch. A true performer is always doing this. While you may “rest” between “pushes”, in your life of personal development you never really “arrive”. It is a journey that will always have a new opportunity to grow into.

So, have you thought about your edge lately? As you develop and as your situation changes, new edges present themselves. Stop and consider, what edge have you been working on? Have you mastered it? Why or why not? What do you need to master it or if you are done, what are you ready for now? Sometimes our edge is something we want and sometimes it is something we need. You might not like your edge, but your edge when developed will support you in greater synergy and effectiveness with your task at hand. Here are some areas to help you consider what your next level might be.

Is your edge to:

  • Understand your strengths and passions to minimize weaknesses
  • Develop strong personal, professional or team productivity skills
  • Learn effective communication skills
  • Acquire better time management to maximize effectiveness
  • Receive customized training to address personal and business needs
  • Create a solid vision of where you are headed
  • Flesh out a clear strategic plan to achieve objectives
  • Foster the ability to create and keep measurable goals
  • Utilize accountability structures to promote forward momentum
  • Achieve balance in life to maintain priorities and reduce stress
  • Develop the aptitude to achieve results that inspire and motivate

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN