Did you know most people today will work SEVERAL careers in their lifetime. Working in 3-5 different careers is becoming the new norm. While traditional employment would have a person work one career in maybe 3-5 companies max, today, people not only work for several employers but are CHANGING fields as they progress in their professional life. So, are you ready for a change???

How do you research new careers?…Here are a few questions to ask yourself about a new career you are thinking about.
• Does this career/job use my strengths (reference your Strengths Finder 2.0 strengths)?
• Does this career/job match my personal values (if you don’t know what these are, schedule a free coaching sample session)
• Does this career match my employment needs (salary, location, hours, skills, etc.)?
• Do I need new or more schooling or training for this career? What options will this education give me?
• How saturated is this field? Is it growing and increasing in demand or on the way out?
• How long will it take me to make myself “marketable” for this career/job?
• Talk to 3-5 people working in this field…does this job match my “assumptions and premonitions” about it?
• How much capital ($$) will it cost for me to transition (schooling, certifications, can I work and school or do I need to quit my job and just do school, etc.)?
• What kind of network and relationships do I have to get into this field (networking is everything in today’s job search)?
• How much time will I need to spend on honing and developing my skills for this new career?
• What will moving into this new career give me?
• What are the downsides of this new career? How much will that affect me?
• What benefits does this new career have? How will that help me?
• What does “success” in this career look like to me? In order to be “successful” in this new career, what will it take?
• Am I willing to pay the price (time, dollars, energy, work…) to make this happen?
• Am I running from an old career or CHOOSING a new career?
• List why this career is a good fit?

Don’t guess or be spontaneous in your career changes, be planned and intentional.

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer,  Minneapolis, MN

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