Overcoming Fears

Overcoming Fears

We all have fears… and fears can grow like algae taking over our life and thinking if we don’t recognize the fears and how they are affecting us. Often our fears are well masked with reasons we can’t do something and energy that sends us the other way, daily unable to accomplish something we know we need or want to do but never can quite achieve.

When we allow ourselves to dig in and reflect … “what is going on,” it is common to find that there is a fear that has been running us. The problem with this is it keeps us small, stuck and unfulfilled with important actions that are needed for us to do left undone. Sometimes these tasks can seem small and insignificant but they are often related to protecting us from larger fears that are down the road. (ie if you start studying that topic needed for advancement in your career … you might find that you are stupid and don’t qualify for the advancement, so it is easier to avoid studying so you don’t have to face that fearful unknown.)

The article link below is packed with ways to help overcome fears. Consider what fears hold you back and then check out some ways you want to overcome them!

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