One Key To Get Things Done

One Key To Get Things Done

I am tired today. It has been a busy last three weeks. My mind has been bouncing all over the place to try and take care of numerous tasks and priorities on the radar. This weekend was extra crazy and today my body and mind are still tired and moving slowly. What I am noticing while I am in this space is the “pile-up” that is occurring. Because I am tired, I start something, but can’t quite finish it. I could but I just feel indecisive and distracted. It takes work to focus on something and see it through. As my mind feels weak, I allow it to wander from one thing to the next.

Now in this moment (while I allowed myself to stop to write a blog post on this phenomenon I am observing), I have even more open tasks than I had at the start of my day, with nothing crossed off the list! What struck me just a minute ago, is how easy this state of mind can be to fall into.

Does this ever happen to you? Have you ever felt frustrated at the lack of items you are accomplishing? Do you wonder why some people are so productive and you are not able to move the needle?

The wheel spinning is caused by being tired, overwhelmed, unfocused and resistant to driving (managing) yourself. The slowdown is perpetuated and made worse as we float from task to task, leaving things unfinished, undecided and open for consideration.

Being a usually productive person, as I reached this awareness, I said to myself, “YOU HAVE TO FINISH.” The key is to FINISH.  It is easier to wander from item to item. Now with 14 chrome tabs open (no joke), 45 minutes until I have to leave the office, a to-do list with nothing checked off, the pressure of needing to hurry, I am reminded the only way to get a handle on it and change the course is to finish. Make a decision.  Closeout a task and cross it off the list. That is how you get traction.

Sometimes we make things difficult by our indecision, desire to please, quest for perfection, overwhelm at where to start… but the truth is, clarity and traction don’t come by honing any of those areas. Instead, it really comes just simply by getting things done. This is not promoting shoddy work, but if you are in this trap, you are likely not doing shoddy work or you would just be taking a nap and have already blown it off. You are engaged. Go back. Take one task at a time and FINISH!  You will start to feel the oxygen and fresh air of momentum and movement soon!