Obstacles to a Strong AM Power Hour

Obstacles to a Strong AM Power Hour

The AM Power Hour seems pretty simple. It is, however, due to our human nature to not be discaplined and to get swept up with the urgent, our e-mails, voice mails and whatever is in front of our face, we can sabatoge the effectivness of a real Power Hour.

Here are some tips to make sure you set up, if you want to get the most of your time:
(if you don’t do these, you may find yourself saying, “it doesn’t really help”. If you say that, check and see if you are doing one of these pitfalls).
— Arrange to have this time set aside first and last in day (block and designate the power hour time)
— Plan to do it the same time everyday (otherwise you run out of time and have to jump into day)
— Have a routine for the time (otherwise you just sort things and fill gap and not be productive)
— Write things down to help clear your mind and not forget (don’t be argent and think “that is little I can remember that” )
— Understand this is BIG PICTURE time planning time not TO DO LIST time (it is not to be used to get things done from your to do list) (DO NOT DO TASKS NOW – if one comes to your mind, just write it down)
— The Power Hour needs to happen before my “work day” starts (home, office, etc.) – if you want to start working at 7:00AM, then this needs to happen before that (otherwise you will get interrupted and distracted)
— Needs to be just you (mute phone, shut down cell phone, eliminate interruptions, no talking to others…) (otherwise you get of track and all of the sudden it is 10:30)
— Believe it will work for you and will give you success (vs. fighting that this is wasting time or thinking I don’t have time to do this)

These are just a few tips to avoid some common pitfalls of ineffective power hours. The really are powerful. Experince it today!