How to have a Morning Planning “Power Hour”

How to have a Morning Planning “Power Hour”

Your AM Power Hour is a planning time that you set aside 30 or 60 minutes to simple get focused and clear for your day. There are many benefits from doing this, the greatest is a clear direction for your day that moves swiftly and productively. Design your own routine. Keep in mind, these are not working on tasks, rather the focus and planning for tasks. Here is a sample:

1. Get focused: read goals, Proverbs 3, prayer and motivation statement
2. Review week/days game plan
3. Review your to-do list and meetings from previous days to recall commitments and promises and needs/actions
4. Brain dump any actions I need to take, plan things to do on the road, projects at desk, put on list of actions, delegate, etc.
5. Systems (set up folders or things you need to operate swiftly for the day)
6. Communication (e-mails, thank yous, proposals, letters, etc)
7. Admin tidbits (Bill, People needs, etc.)
8. E-mail / VM (read, sort, and delegate)
9. Note FROG Project for the day to work on next (book: Eat that Frog)

Give it a shot and draft one for yourself. Block the same time each day and follow your planning list.

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