5 Steps to Creating Your Milestones

5 Steps to Creating Your Milestones

The topic of Milestones is a favorite because it is a key to success and traction. Often people set their goals and just have that single focus in front of them. That is awesome to be focused on your goal, however, without milestones, it can be hard to feel success and progress. When a person does not experience some level of success from their efforts it is natural to feel discouraged, demotivated and question the value of the effort. While we know successful people keep their head in the game even when they do not FEEL like it, the point is, we can have milestones that help to bookmark needed activity that are stepping stones to the goal, success or the objective. Sometimes the goal is so big, overwhelming or task-laden we struggle to sustain momentum. That is the power of milestones. Your milestones are BABY STEPS that make the activity easier to focus on and more attainable to achieve

How do you set Milestones?

  1. have your big goal or focus with an achievement date in mind
  2. consider what are key actions you need to do in order to achieve the goal
  3. take your actions and put them in order of which needs to be done first to last
  4. looking at your end date, assign projected times for the actions
  5. write out each action as a mini goal (milestone) with an end date leading up to the big goal (like a to-do list)
  6. focus on the first goal, when achieved move on to the next.