Maximize Time, Energy and Efforts (part 2)

Maximize Time, Energy and Efforts (part 2)

2. Define New Habits.

  • What needs to change? (chaotically running from thing to thing)
  • What would help me do better? (prioritizing, doing important things 1st, 1 hour of focus time with no distractions)
  • List 3 things you what you want to start (from 8-9 don’t answer phone, 10 min. daily clean sweep, prioritizing my to do list)
  • Consider having 10 daily habits. These are little actions that you take every day that do not take a lot of time, but in the long run save time. For example, each AM spend 10 min. and do a clean sweep of your desk or house. You will be amazed with how you can cut down on clutter and time spent doing paperwork when you take just 10 min. a day. Write these things somewhere you will see & do them daily!

3. Implement and stick to it! It takes 30 days of consistent implementation to solidify a new habit.


1. Attitude. What is your perspective on time? We each have 24 hours; the question is how will you spend yours? When we think we don’t have enough time – we rarely get things done, we just spend time complaining. When we are optimistic, prepared and focused – we often are surprised at what can be accomplished in a short period of time (power hours). Take control of your life. We like to blame other things, when really there is a lot we can do.

2. Self-discipline.

  • Review and refine your plan; stay in action (10 minutes to plan your day, ½ hour to plan for the week, 1 hour to plan for the month).
  • Keep your plan in front of you. Three times each week, set a timer for 10 minutes to review what is working and not. What do you need to change? Are you allocating time correctly? Do you have a margin of flexibility for the unexpected? Make adjustments to your plan and step into action.
  • Keep moving. Whatever you do, DO SOMETHING and keep moving! Paralysis of analysis is a deadly time eater. Assess your plan to the best of your ability and move into action. The picture will be clearer the closer you get.
  • Say No. There are many things that will pop up to grab your time and attention. Saying “no” is important. How? Be honest, tell people why (not excuses), provide other options/solutions; determine what you can do based on your priorities.

“The more you do of what you are doing, the more you’ll get of what you’ve got” -Unknown

Get excited about what you can do, grab your plan and get going! Do not put off tomorrow what can be done today!