Management Tips for Great Leaders

Management Tips for Great Leaders

  1. Share information – SERIOUSLY! YES! DON’t be cryptic! remember if you don’t share the info or story, they will make it up – and it is rarely better than the truth
  2. Adjust your style I KNOW. REALLY? But yes! Know your team and their style and communicate in a way that speaks their language. It doesn’t mean accommodating their whims, it means understanding who you are working with.
  3. Have fun I struggle with this too. There is so much to be done who has time to play and isn’t work just fun? If you don’t know how to play naturally find structures to help you play. (I could use tips on this too – how do you PLAY and not loose focus? Both are important — and there IS a way… interested how you all do it!?!)
  4. Say Thanks FOR SURE! Leaders are often focused on tasks and what is next… so just make gratitude a part of your AM and PM routines – text, email, write and say thank you and express gratitude and appreciation… if you want more of something – appreciate it! (note – this works with kids and families too!)
  5. Focus your time This is the whole bucket concept! Know your top 5-8 buckets of activity and when you work, work in one bucket at a time. I know, this is a killer for MOST of us, but the reward is you work faster, smarter and get more done.
  6. Set Small Milestones, Critical, Daily Wins. This helps to create progress and momentum. Most goals fail because they lacked smaller wins and milestones and interest was lost.
  7. Empower Through Delegation – What do you do best? What does someone else do best? How much time do they need to do it? What can they start working on while you are working on your part? Who is best to do what? What framework or information do they need to be successful with the project? These are part of delegation – and setting others up for success. Delegation is not about giving others what you don’t want to do – Delegation is the art of leading and connecting the best person for different tasks. What do you delegate? How do you do that successfully? (note – if you find that “people don’t do it right” – then you are not equipping them with the framework when you delegate – they need to know what they are empowered to do their way and create and what is a framework of the project. Some will call this micromanagement, but setting the stage is key. If you are asking someone to make a themed side dish for a Mexican meal, they need to know it is a Mexican meal in order to pick a great matching side dish).
  8. Remove Obstacles – Often as a leader, few are empowered or have the power and authority to see much less remove the obstacles (this might be a broken policy or rules, missing rules or guidelines, inconsistent practices, old or limited thinking/mindset, assumptions, misalignment, undefined roles, missing boundaries, etc.). When an obstacle has been brought to your attention or you see it – ADDRESS IT. This will set your team up for success and reduce frustration as they attempt to move an action or project forward. What obstacles have you had to address?

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