Lasting Impact: 7 Powerful Conversations (Book Review)

Lasting Impact: 7 Powerful Conversations (Book Review)

Another fantastic book by Carey. He has done such a great job of studying the church, culture and leadership today. This book is BEYOND packed with material, but all very on point – like any of Carey’s writing (articles, podcast, other books). We got this on audio and bought the book as well so we could reference many of the quotes, points and suggestions. I love that it is written as a book that can be a “guidebook” for discussion for ministry and leadership teams (councils).

For those who desire to understand and evolve with the rapidly changing landscape of “church” and “ministry, ” this is a MUST READ. Carey not only talks about what is happening and why, but what to do about it and gives examples of it in action. He has application questions at the end of each section and in the audio answers the questions (bonus!).

I will say the material is so packed with insights and food for thought, we had to take a break every 2 chapters to let it soak in. It is the book that can be read and then used as a learning handbook and then referenced. Very helpful. Thank you, Carey, for all your insights!

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