Job Searching: A New Vision & Different Way

Job Searching: A New Vision & Different Way

A Different Way to Approach Your Future Career and Job Search

At times it can be difficult for a person to have a vision of what they want for their career future or how to recognize and find jobs/careers that fit “us”. To find the career of our choice takes work, intentional looking and design. At times people are not sure what they want and feel just need a JOB and so they wait for something to “jump out at them.” People traditionally look at the newspaper or on-line postings to see what the world has to offer. When nothing seems to be the “thing,” discouragement sets in.

WAIT! Try coming at it from a different direction. Why not ask, “Who am I and what do I have to offer the world? What are my gifts, talents, skills and passions?”

When you understand yourself and what you want, you can much more easily find careers that match who you are.  These careers become fulfilling and a natural fit – and most importantly a more obvious answer to the question, “what should I do?”

A point of comparison: I think it is like standing in front of a game aisle and trying to guess what game would be fun to buy/play. How can you know without asking others what games they like and why? Reading the box and finding out what kind of game it is? Knowing yourself and what kind of games you like (intellectual, active, strategy, etc.)? Game boxes try to do a good job of “marketing” what type of game it is on the box (i.e. funny, thinking, etc.), but you really would not know it if is one YOU will enjoy until you understand what games you tend to like (either by knowing your strengths or playing a lot of games and deducting which ones you commonly like) AND understanding the basic premise of the game. Sometimes we can short cut the process, and find games we love because they are recommended by people like us, but typically we all have different games we enjoy. It is a process to explore and uncover what we do want.

It is like this in the career world too. It would be nice if it would be obvious and the perfect job would jump off the page, but typically that doesnt happen. Your favorite game doesnt jump off the shelf either. You have to take the time and work to explore and find the best fit. There are some great books that work to guide you through this process or of course, coaching is a LIVE and 1-1 way to explore your vision, interest and passions.  It is taking the time to understand your strengths and weakness, the life you want, your skills, your passions, your standards, the opportunities out there, etc. Then it allows you to look with a clear vision, focus and understanding of what you want. You are much more likely to find a fulfilling career. Just like if you knew you were going to the store to by a hilarious, laughing game that can be played with a group that requires creativity but not intellectual knowledge, you might quickly find Balderdash and be pleased with the great fit it is for your sought objectives.

The ideal job search and figuring out what is next for my career or what I want to do with my professional life is a huge question. There are many possibilities and no “right” answer because it is different for each person. The right job will not fall out of the sky and hit you – even if it did, you might wonder if you should do that or not. Your lack of clarity usually influences a you to pass opportunities, since you dont know if that is “right”. You have to start with clarity of yourself and what you want and then options can be found or created.

Here are the books to help you explore on your own:

General Self-Help: a classic, What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles (understanding your personality and how you work)

General Self-Help: Remodel Your Reality By Kimberly Fulcher (book to help you reclaim your passion)

Christian: Discovering Gods Unique Purpose for You by Dick Purnell (31 day little book of daily activates to understand your unique self, gifts and purpose)

Christian: Pathway to Purpose for Women by Katie Brazelton (book about purpose, passion and focus – men can still benefit from this book!)