It Always Feels Better With a Friend

It Always Feels Better With a Friend

The buddy system of accountability and support is a strong mechanism you can employ to push through your fears. Find someone who you feel is supportive and encouraging. This could be a mentor, friend, spouse, family member, co-worker, boss, whoever. Share with them 1) your objective/goal, 2) what you have been afraid of/worry about/or held back by, 3) what you want to do to overcome it and how they can help or hold you accountable.

For example: “Friend Jo, I really want to loose 25 lbs. and need to workout at the gym 3x a week (goal/objective).  I have not done it because I feel fat, ignorant of the equipment and unattractive in my old gym clothes. I also feel afraid that if I try I will not loose weight which will be embarrassing to me. I am afraid to fail (fears).  Can you help support me by being an accountability partner for me? Here are some things that would help. Go shopping with me to get 2 outfits that I look good in. Go with me to the gym the first time and just walk around with me and talk to me while I work out. Do a power call with me at 8AM where I call you on my way to the gym and if I don’t call you, please call me and ask me what I am doing (requesting what you need). Would any of those be possible for you to do to help me overcome my fears and get into action?”

Keep Charging & Shine!
Christy Geiger, Executive/Leadership Coach,