How to Have Great Remote Relationships

How to Have Great Remote Relationships

More and more people today work remotely or on the go.  With the many technology options, we have to communicate, it is much easier to be massively on task and accidentally become relationally rude or flippant. Have you ever thought about how you come across to others? While I would agree in our fast-paced world productivity feels like the king, however when it happens at the expense of relationships, it actually slows and tarnishes productivity. Paying attention to relational connection is important to be intentional about to ensure good relationships while working on the go or remotely. Stay engaged with these smart tips from

5 Ways to Communicate With a Virtual Work Force

  1. Be a connector
  2. Sweat the small stuff
  3. Strive for inclusiveness
  4. Take time to connect
  5. Use the best tech

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