Goal Setting That Sticks!! (part 1)

Goal Setting That Sticks!! (part 1)

If you look around at the “successful” people in life, they are setting goals.

Often we are resistant to setting goals. There are many reasons, pessimism that they won’t work, fear of failure, lack of time, lack of thought, etc. The irony is you cannot arrive in a place you have not planned to reach. Either you can let life happen to you or you can be intentional about heading someplace. Flexibility and letting things take their natural course have their place, but if you have no destination picked, you are subject to what life will give you, rather than pursuing with passion what you want.

In the upcoming year, what do you want? Below are 5 tips to make your goals stick:

     1.  Visualize an inspirational goal. As you think back over the past year, what are you proud and excited about? What worked for you? What did not happen that you wanted? What did not work? As you think about the past, begin to think about the future (life, business, etc.). Where would you like to be one year from now? Visualize what it would look like if your life was exactly how you wanted it in one year. What would be happening? What would be different? Allow yourself to visualize your goal. A vision that gets you pumped up and excited is something you will work hard for. Begin by writing your vision of what your goal would look like when it is complete.

    2.  Be clear and concise. Given your visual of what you want your future to look like, what will it take to make that happen. Put this into the form of a SMART goal statement.

  • Specific – precise (i.e. 20% over quota)
  • Measurable – way to check progress (i.e. 3 trainings)
  • Achievable – It is possible. (keep fantasies in check)
  • Realistic – Challenge yourself to stretch and grow.
  • Timed – Have a completion/ success date.