Giftology Book Review

Giftology Book Review

Clearly on the surface, Giftology by John Ruhlin is about the psychology of giving, however, it is really about customer connection and care. It is a great read to reflect on business rituals you may have created with the intention of being kind and thoughtful but find them in the list of things that are not as “winning” as you might think.

One of the common gifts I see are those given with your logo on them to customers and prospects. John clearly states giving something that is a little more about the person can leave an even greater impact. John provides bonus information on his website for more ideas for gifting.

While I think the book is a fairly quick read/listen it does get a little long, yet is worth the full listen as little nuggets and gems of insight are thrown in throughout. This book is great to spark creative and new thought on why and how you might communicate with your propsects, clients and valued connections.

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