Future of Recruitment, Job Posting and Resumes

Future of Recruitment, Job Posting and Resumes

Recently Seth Godin released a Linchpin Job Board Project (https://linchpinjobs.com/).

Their Slogan: Work that matters for people who care. A Linchpin job is defined by “a Linchpin job requires someone who will lead, connect and truly care about the work to be done… and repays her with freedom, responsibility and dignity.”

You can subscribe and get a listing of new jobs posted each week. You can submit a job if you are an employer – but to do it you can’t be hiring cogs. You have to have a job description with passionate detail and a homemade 1-3 minute video about why this job matters and what the job is.  If you want to learn more about Seth’s concept you can read his post here: https://seths.blog/2018/12/where-are-the-linchpin-jobs/

What catches my attention is another evolution or shift to communication and connection.

#1) MEANINGFUL WORK: This approach highlights and attracts the cry of people who want to make a difference, live outside the mold and be part of meaningful and significant work. Cog jobs will become less and less jobs of choice. People want to make a difference and want to use their gifts and talents to contribute in a way that matters.  

#2) HIRE HUMAN BEINGS: It challenges the employer to change their thinking from “lesser then”, mindless, robotic jobs, to roles that really engage the individual. Seeing the person as a human being vs. a human doing. Seeing the person for WHO they are vs. just what they can produce.

#3) ATTRACT THE HEART: This process upgrades the flat, checklist job description shifting from just skill based doing to heart-based inspiration. By requiring a homemade video, it integrates the live voice and face of the leader to share the heart of the “calling” (what is needed) to send a signal out to attract the “heart” of the “called” (the applicant).

What do you see in the shifts of attracting, hiring and connecting with meaningful work? What does this mean to you and how you lead and how you see your team?

This causes me to think about the process from both sides. From the seeker – how do you share your passion, who you are, what you are about. How can you make your resume showcase your passion and heart message? What does your video message look like? What is the call you are sending to people needing your skills and expertise on the team? What is your story brand* (*who you are, what you stand for and what you are up to in the world)?

From the employer – how are you writing job descriptions, how do you see your team and people, how do you post jobs and attract people to your team? How can you shift your job descriptions from “doing” to “being”? How do you see the “person” vs. just their “production or performance”? What does your video communicate to share your passion and invite them into your story brand?

On one hand this is nothing new, on the other hand it is a shift from the way we have worked for many years. We are used to the performance era of doing things better and faster. This is shifting from intellect to heart, passion and experience. What does this mean to you and your work? It is a great concept to reflect on and apply.